• 10 Feb, 2017End of support for old Muse versions

    We are committed to providing good solid support for all Java versions our customers run The Muse Platform on. However, as new versions of Java, web browsers, and in general software technologies, are released, it is becoming more and more … more

  • 26 Nov, 2016MuseKnowledge™ Proxy 4.3 is ready

    The outstanding features from the new 4.3 version of MuseKnowledge™ Proxy are now ready to be used. OAuth authentication, HAProxy PROXY Protocol, External HTTP authentication, source type classification with modified interface look and feel are just some of the new features. more

  • 22 Aug, 2016Egyptian Knowledge Bank, MuseKnowledge Training Session, Bucharest, 2016

    MuseGlobal is pleased to announce the Egyptian Knowledge Bank, MuseKnowledge Training Session in Bucharest, Romania, taking place from 30 September – 6 October 2016 at the Pullman Bucharest World Trade Center. This advanced training session is being conducted by MuseGlobal … more

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