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What are the licencing terms?

CERTivity is a commercial product, which is also offered for Trial for 30 days. The trial registration is fully functional, except limitations on the number of keyStores that can be opened and created during an application instance (run). In order to be able to use a certain version of CERTivity permanently and without any limitation a commercial license is needed.

There are two categories of commercial licenses - Standard and Professional - the feature and price differences can be seen on our site http://www.edulib.com/products/keystores-manager/purchase/.

The license is per number of users and each user can use the software on more machines. If the License Key (File) is for more users, as the file is the same, each user will have to use that file to register the application.

A License Key (File) covers a major version and all its minor upgrades (e.g. 1.0, 1.1, 1.2..., but not 2.0).

Above the fully functional Free 30 Day Trial period to let you fully evaluate CERTivity before you make your purchase decision, in some instances but only within 30 days of purchase, we will, at your request, issue a refund.

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