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Why are we unable to keep Muse Proxy running when we start it from a terminal window?

Muse Proxy is terminated, even if started in the background, when you end the putty (ssh) session if it is started from csh, which is the default shell when you login on that machine.

To fix this, right after you login on the machine with putty, change the shell by entering the bash command:
You know that you are using the bash interpreter if the "$" sign for normal user or the "#" sign for root appears at the end of the prompt. After you enter the bash shell you may start Muse Proxy in the background as you did previously:
cd ${MUSE_HOME}/proxy
./startMuseProxy &

Then you can end the putty session and the Proxy process will be kept alive by the OS.


Tags: bash, csh, live, process service, proxy, running, shell, ssh

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