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What Muse Proxy setup kit should I use to install Muse Proxy on a 64 bit Windows architecture?

For Muse Proxy service to correctly work on Windows 64-bit systems you must install Muse Proxy either using the muse-proxy-setup.jar file or the executable file (muse-proxy-win32.exe). In the latter case you must set JAVA_HOME environment variable to the location of the 64-bit Java. 

If no JAVA_HOME is defined and there are both 32-bit JAVA and 64-bit JAVA when installing Muse Proxy using muse-proxy-win32.exe file, then 32-bit JAVA will be used and Muse Proxy Service will not work correctly.

If JAVA_HOME is set to the location of the 64-bit JAVA and there are both 32-bit JAVA and 64-bit JAVA, then the JAVA used will be 64-bit JAVA, thus the services will work correctly.

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