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What changes must be made when switching to Java 1.6?

No matter the OS, the JAVA_HOME variable must point to the newly installed Java version. The scripts that start the Muse servers upon system boot must also be modified.

For Windows OS:
- the corresponding line in the InstallXXXService.bat files (or service.bat for Tomcat) will need to be manually edited to point to the new JVM DLL. 
- uninstall Muse services - run UninstallXXXService.bat or service.bat remove for Tomcat
- install again the services - run InstallXXXService.bat or service.bat install for Tomcat. 
Note that the last 2 operations must be done for each Muse service that must run. These files are located in the $MUSE_HOME/http ($MUSE_HOME/tomcat/bin), $MUSE_HOME/proxy and $ICE_HOME locations.

For non Windows OS:
- edit the /etc/init.d/muse file and change PATH to include the path to Java 1.6. Eg: PATH=/usr/jdk/instances/jdk1.6.0/jre/bin:$PATH

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