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How do I add a new skin to my application?

The steps to add a new skin to an application are:

1) Create a directory for the new skin in the $MUSE_HOME/web/www/logon/APPID/skins, by duplicating an existing one, eventually the skin that is most closed to the desired new look. Do the necessary modifications in the new skin (CSS files and images).

2) Copy the new skin directory in the $APPLICATION_HOME/www/logon/skins
This ensures that if the application is duplicated, the new skin will be also deployed in the newly created application.

3) Modify the $APPLICATION_HOME/www/application/applicationOptions.db file and add the new skin in the list of available ones. By this modification, the new skin will appear as available skin in MCAA.

To add a new skin in the $APPLICATION_HOME/www/application/applicationOptions.db file one must:
a) edit the file;
b) locate the
        {"id", "applicationSkin" ....
like entry;
Note: if the application supports different skins for different languages, then the entries that must be changed are of the form:
        {"id", "applicationSkin_ZZ" ....
where ZZ is the language code. Add the new skin for all the languages where the new skin is wanted.
c) duplicate the first entry and add the new one before it
        {"id", "SKIN_ID", "name", "SKIN_NAME"},
and change:
        - SKIN_ID with the name of the directory containing the skin (mind the case)
        - SKIN_NAME with the name of the skin

4) Login into MCAA console, select the application from the applications list and go to "Application General Settings -> Interface Options" left menu item and in the Interface Options panel select the newly created skin for the desired language(s); when done click on the "Update" button.

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