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When testing a Muse Application the display in the left hand frame disappeared from time to time, and was replaced by a "can't find server page" error message. Also the progress display is wrong (the estimate of each source being 0).

The "Can't find server" page seems to be caused by a combination of an HTTP Post method (which Muse uses) with the IE browser and Muse HTTP Server. This is also the reason why the estimate of each source is 0. To work around this, we introduced the socketCloseDelay parameter for a TcpConnector in ${MUSE_HOME}/http/conf/contexts.xml file.  The value is specified in milliseconds. This parameter is documented in page 14 of Muse HTTP Server manual.

By default Muse HTTP Server closes client sockets as soon as it finishes sending out the response, in order to recycle sockets as soon as possible. However, there have been some problems with certain browsers that send data after the socket was closed by the server. To prevent this you can configure the socketCloseDelay parameter for the desired Connector. The value for socketCloseDelay parameter is specified in milliseconds.

Note: This value represents the time that the server waits before closing down the socket to the client. Setting a too high value for this parameter can be perceived as degraded performance of the Muse HTTP Server. In general you should not need to set this value higher than 100 milliseconds.

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