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Sending emails fails when running Muse with Java 1.7 with the error: "SendMail: Improper module setting(s). Contact your administrator. [ Could not connect to SMTP host:, port: 25 ]".

The problem is due to the IPv4/IPv6 preference of Java.

Java tries to use IPv6 by default - see the Oracle FAQ ( .
To fix the problem set the System property "" to "true". You can do this by editing "configure*" scripts from ${MUSE_HOME}/use/ice and ${MUSE_HOME}/tomcat/bin directories and add the following parameter:"true" in the extra JVM parameters section.

Example: When running Muse on Windows, in the ${MUSE_HOME}/tomcat/bin/configure.bat file the parameter will be placed just below the line:

rem Set extra JVM parameters (space delimited list)
in the following variable "TOMCAT_ExtraJVMParams= "(no quotes)


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