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I get "Source package decode error" for each Source Package I try to update; also when I try to add a new Source Package I see only 18

Updating a Source Package installed in a Muse Application or adding a new one make use of the Global InfoBase service. The access to the Global InfoBase service is done with a username/password combination that were assigned to you by MuseGlobal. 

The fact that you get "Source package decode error" messages when updating Muse Source Packages in the Muse Administration Console shows that you did not configure in your Muse installation the username/password for accessing the Global Source Factory service.

There are 2 ways for configuring the access details for the Global Source Factory service in a Muse installation:

  1. At the Muse system level. This means that you configure the username/password for accessing the Global Source Factory service at the system level and all administrative users like mcaa and mccs make use of it. To do this setting edit the ${MUSE_HOME}/factory/SourceFactory.xml file and fill in the GLOBAL_IB_USERand GLOBAL_IB_PASSWORD fields with the username/password that were provided to you by MuseGlobal. You should have there the startersf default restrictive details, just replace them with the ones provided to you. A restart of the Muse Embedded Tomcat server is required for this setting to take effect.
  2. At the administrative user level. This means that you can configure the username/password for accessing the Global InfoBase service individually, for each Muse Administration user (like mcaamccs). The advantage of this configuration is that you can specify different access details for the Global InfoBase service for each Muse Administration user. Another advantage is that the restart of the Muse Embedded Tomcat server is no longer required. Specifying the access details for the Global InfoBase service for a Muse Administration user is done through the Muse Console for Applications Administration interface (mcaa user) as follows:
    • login into the Muse Console for Applications Administration interface as the mcaa user.
    • go to the Users tab, locate the desired administration user, select it and click on the "Edit Properties" leftmenu item.
    • in the "Edit MAB User Properties" panel fill in the "Global InfoBase User Name" and "Global InfoBase User Password" fields with the appropriate values.
    • re-login into the Muse Administration Console if the setting was done for the mcaa user or login with the user for which the Global InfoBase details were updated.

Tags: access, decode, error, Global, GLOBAL_IB_PASSWORD, GLOBAL_IB_USER, Global InfoBase User Name, InfoBase, package, source, Source Factory

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