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I would like to reorganize the list of Sources on the search page. I've been trying to do so through the Administration (Source) Console, but it seems that none of the changes I've made are reflected on the page. In particular I've been trying to put a gr

The Groups "move" operation is reflected in the $APPLICATION_HOME/profiles/SEARCH.xml file. To have changes to the order of Groups and Sources be visible in the interface, one must go to the "Amend Interface" tab in the Console, make the desired changes, and then click the "Update" button. Note that the update in the "Amend Interface" tab must be done for each language being made available in interface. For example, for the changed order of the Group to be made visible in the Spanish interface, one must select the "Spanish" language from the drop down list on the "Amend Interface" tab and click the "Update" button (even if this procedure has already been done for the English interface).

Tags: amend, console, group, interface, update

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Last update: 2013-09-02 16:11
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