MuseKnowledge Live Chat

A Live Chat is available in the MuseKnowledge Search Application starting with the upcoming version 8.1. It allows end-users to connect in real time via chat with a Library representative (operator) for online support about how to use MuseKnowledge Search Application and its search resources.

End User’s Perspective

The chat is available for end users in the MuseKnowledge Search Application in the lower right corner and it can have different appearances, depending on the Live Chat Platform integrated. Below is a screenshot with the initial form of the chat box and the next forms after filling in the required details and starting the conversation.

Administrator’s Perspective

Many Live Chat Platforms can be integrated into the MuseKnowledge Search Application. The following platforms were tested successfully: Live Helper ChatLiveChat and Pure Chat.

1. Customers without an existing live chat solution

For customers without an existing Live Chat Solution, either self hosted or subscribed, we can offer this service in our hosted Live Chat Platform. We will provide you operator account(s) in our hosted chat platform and take care of the necessary configurations in your MuseKnowledge Search Application for enabling the Live Chat functionality.

2. Customers with an existing live chat solution

The customers having a subscription for a commercial chat solution, or hosting one themselves, can enable the Live Chat functionality by following the below instructions. Minimal knowledge on JavaScript, HTML is needed; if the integration does not succeed please contact the MuseGlobal Support team for help.

  1. Obtain the JavaScript code from your Live Chat Platform which needs to be integrated into the application. Usually this is obtained from an administration console of your chat platform or FAQ item. For more details you should address to the support team of your Live Chat Platform.
  2. Access the MuseKnowledge Console for Applications Administration of your installation, e.g. https://yourdomain/mmc . Select the application for which to enable Live Chat functionality from the applications list and access the Application General Settings -> Interface Options left menu item.
  3. In the new page access the Functionality tab and set to yes the Enable Chat: option.
  4. Replace the existing code from the revealed text area with the below code in which replace the placeholders (e.g. {js_chat_object}{html_chat_object}, etc.) with the appropriate values corresponding to your chat JS or HTML code content. Note that it is mandatory to have the "init" and "destroy" functions for chat object initialization and removal, as these are wired from the application code:
    app.constant("chat", {
        "init": function(language){
            // If the chat object is already initialized, then exit, nothing else to do.
            // Example:
            if (window.{js_Chat_Object}){
         // Paste here the JS code specific to your chat platform, obtained as explained above.
        "destroy": function(languageChanged){
            // If to apply a new chat language destroy is not needed, just return when languageChanged == true.
            // If the chat object does not exist, then exit, nothing else to do.
            // Example:
            if (!window.{js_Chat_Object}){
            // Remove all JS/HTML chat objects/elements unless your chat has its own unloading method (which must be used in this case).
            // Examples:
            window.{js_Chat_Object}" = undefined;