MuseSearch™ Widget Demo #4 – The widget with Bootstrap.js

A new MuseSearch™ widget based on the Responsive CSS Bootstrap technology and jQuery is available. The widget works with Muse version and with the MuseSearch™ Application version 3.9. In the below example the widget was included in an iFrame element because the EduLib website uses the jQuery UI...

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MuseSearch™ Integration in SharePoint

Besides the dedicated SharePoint MuseSearch™ WebPart, available since Muse, starting with Muse version, MuseSearch™ Application 3.9 version, in this post we describe two other simple ways to integrate the MuseSearch™ Application into a SharePoint site. 1. Insert a MuseSearch™ Application into a SharePoint 2013 Site Using the...

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Feature Comparison for GUI KeyStore Managers

We have made a comparison of the features between CERTivity® KeyStores Manager and the most relevant similar products. The features are organized in categories, each category initially showing all features. Although this comparison was made by EduLib, the creator of CERTivity, we tried to be as objective and fair...

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A Peek at Documentation Building Process in Muse Federated Search

The Muse manuals are written in DocBook and a build process generates the PDF files which are actually the documents for the end users. We have improved the building process of Muse manuals so that it does not hang up forever. We used a workaround, more details about this and what...

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Muse® Federated Search and Muse Proxy Applications on the Same Server

The Muse™ Federated Search (MuseSearch™) and the Standalone Muse™ Proxy for Muse™ Proxy Applications are two client oriented services powered by Muse™ Technology. Being two separate services it is recommended to run them on separate servers (either physical or virtual machine) to have a clear separation of them from management and technical point...

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Muse® vs. Vivisimo Velocity Platform

In this post we make a comparison between the features in Muse™ and Vivisimo Velocity Platform 7.5-6, related to building and running Connectors/Sources. This comparison is exclusively related to Federated Search capabilities and the environment for building, maintaining, configuring and running Connectors/Sources. Although this comparison is made by the developers of Muse™,...

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Advanced Sorting Customization in OutlineView (NetBeans Platform)

In practice there are front end applications where the entire data set cannot be available at once from the underlying service (e.g. a Search Engine) or it is impractical to wait for the entire data set – for example a big and quite remote database. In these cases if...

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Simplifying Key Pair and Certificate Management Operations with CERTivity

The usage of electronic services such as electronic banking, electronic commerce or virtual mails becomes more commonplace in the present. Therefore there is an increasing need for using digital certificates to establish authenticity, digital signatures, or encryption of personal data. This requires the ability to handle cryptographic material such...

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Adding Root Certificates using CERTivity

There are often situations in which we get to a website on a secure connection and the browser informs us that the website’s security certificate is not trusted using a warning message similar to the one below (which can be seen when using Google Chrome browser): This happens mostly...

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