• In February 2013, EduLib S.R.L. and MuseGlobal, Inc. entered into an OEM Technology Partner Agreement for software and services. With a history of more than 14 years of being the development and technical support team behind Muse®, EduLib S.R.L. is now having the opportunity to develop, market, sell and support new products based on the Muse® Software Technology and its sub components with an exclusive right in Romania and non-exclusive rights to market and promote Muse® worldwide;
  • Dr. Peter Noerr, MuseGlobal’s founder, Chief Scientist and Chief Technology Officer, died of cancer on Friday, March 15, 2013. His technology legacy will be carried on by his dedicated, expert designers and programmers, with whom he has worked for over 20 years, led by Mihai Popa, CEO for MuseGlobal S.A. and EduLib S.R.L.;