CERTivity KeyStores ManagerCERTivity

23 Jan, 2014 CERTivity KeyStores Manager 2.0 Released

27 Jan, 2014 Feature Comparison for GUI KeyStore Managers

CERTivity® is a powerful pure Java multi-platform visual KeyStores manager that provides a natural experience for managing and using KeyStores, Certificates, Key Pairs (Private Key, Certificates Chain), Secret Keys in various formats.

It covers and combines functions that otherwise are available through verbose command line tools or other operating system tools or browsers. It is not intended to be just a simple 1:1, replacement of these tools – the features being combined and centralized in an intuitive and productive organization.

Thus developers and system administrator can gain valuable time and ensure the greatest productivity by letting CERTivity taking care of the low level details in a uniform manner on almost all the systems – Windows, Unix/Linux, Mac.

On the long term CERTivity aims at being a centralized manager and platform for the digital security related assets.

See more details about CERTivity here.

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