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4 June, 2020 MuseKnowledge™ Proxy 5.2 is available

Muse® Proxy is a highly customizable multi-platform proxy server, easy to use and configure, acting successfully as a gateway to authenticated restricted content, rewriting web server, Web Access Management (WAM), proxy server and reverse proxy.

It has been used for more than 10 years within the Muse Federated Search Platform to manage the authentication to resources and the navigation to full text, by restoring the server session on end-user browser.

Its intelligent URL rewriting in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, web pages source code, will help the authorized users to rewrite unlimited web resources without using specific processing patterns or scripts for each resource.

Libraries use it to allow access from outside their computer network to restricted-access web sites that authenticate users by IP address, HTTP cookies, Referrer address, HTTP authorization or by any other authentication implemented using CGI parameters. Companies use it to allow access to their employees from outside their computer network to internal resources.

See more details about Muse® Proxy here or briefly in our commercial presentation.

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