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17 Dec, 2013 EduLib provides expert Muse Services

EduLib S.R.L. offers the full range of Muse Technology related services including Muse Smart Connectors, Muse Mobile Applications, Muse Web Applications, Muse Custom Bridges, Muse Core, Pluggable Modules, Tools, Muse Technical Support services.

EduLib S.R.L., the developer and maintainer of Muse Technology since its conception in 1998, and MuseGlobal Inc. entered since 20th February 2013, into an OEM Technology Partner Agreement for software and services. (

Choosing us for Muse Federated Search (either front-end, back-end, middleware), Harvesting, Processing and Integrating Content services, you take advantage of working directly with the exclusive team that has been developing and maintaining Muse since its advent.

Choosing us you take advantage of working directly with a team that is understanding customers needs, challenges and puts no pressure on commercial issues.

Choosing us you take advantage of working directly with the Muse Development and Technical Support teams which eliminates costs introduced by people between us, and will also improve communication and efficiency. We estimate that this will be at least 25% off your current Muse costs.

If you are interested in purchasing expert Muse® Services from us for new or existent Muse projects, in any area such as Technical Support, Implementation and Development or any Connectors Development and Maintenance, we will be very happy to work with you.

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