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f you get the “bc: command not found” error when running the Muse bin installer, stop the installation and install “bc” package. The package installation depends on the Linux distribution you are running. Here are some examples: – RedHat using the yum package manager – run “yum install bc” or – Debian using the apt package manager – run “apt-get install bc”. After installing “bc”, relogin to console and rerun the Muse installer.

Typically, this means that the version of the installer you are running does not match your license. For instance, if you downloaded a installer, but you have a license (or vice versa), you will receive this error.

Please download the right Muse version.

If this is not the case then check the copied Serial Number for extra characters due to a faulty copy/paste operation. After copying the Serial Number string please first paste it in a plain text document and check it to make sure it does not contain extra characters at the beginning or at the end of the string.

For Muse Proxy service to correctly work on Windows 64-bit systems you must install Muse Proxy either using the muse-proxy-setup.jar file or the executable file (muse-proxy-win32.exe). In the latter case you must set JAVA_HOME environment variable to the location of the 64-bit Java.

If no JAVA_HOME is defined and there are both 32-bit JAVA and 64-bit JAVA when installing Muse Proxy using muse-proxy-win32.exe file, then 32-bit JAVA will be used and Muse Proxy Service will not work correctly.

If JAVA_HOME is set to the location of the 64-bit JAVA and there are both 32-bit JAVA and 64-bit JAVA, then the JAVA used will be 64-bit JAVA, thus the services will work correctly.

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