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There are two ways to set the default result display: 1. At the individual user level: this can be done directly by the end user within the Application when the user is logged into his personal account. Note that setting this preference will not result in a global change for the Application, just for the personal account in which it is configured. 2. At the Application level (as a global change to the Application) by modifying the “displayLevel” setting in the ${APPLICATION_HOME}/www/application/searchOptions.db file. The values that can be set in this parameter are: “oneLine”, “brief” and “full”. For example, if the full display is wanted, the line within the searchOptions.db files should be: Note that the setting at the Application level is superseded by the setting at the user level.

One can specify an IP address for Muse Proxy to listen on for connections. By default, Muse Proxy listens on all IP addresses, on all interfaces.

This setting can be changed in the ${MUSE_HOME}/proxy/MuseProxy.xml file by specifying an IP address in the "" field.

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