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This is explained in the “Adding a new slave machine to the environment” chapter from the “Muse Advanced Configuration.pdf” manual. In a shared Muse environment all files are shared, including the $ICE_HOME/serial.properties file containing licensing information and necessary for the ICE to start. When adding new servers to a Muse cluster one cannot just run the Registration process to register the new machine because of the following reason: Muse was not installed on the new machine using the Muse setup kit, hence the InstallShield files necessary for running the Registration do not exist. In the shared Muse environment the Muse files are loaded/mounted from the master machine. Below are the steps to be performed when a new slave machine is added into the Muse environment after the initial setup an it needs to be registered: 1. An “Extension Request” procedure for the Serial Number is performed to add all IPv4 and IPv6 IPs of the new machine to the Serial Number in use. In case the Serial Number already contains the IPs of the new machine then there is no need to run the “Extension Request” and the Muse servers can be started on the new machine (step 4). 2. After the extension request is processed by MuseGlobal, the Muse Registration Setup must be run on the master machine. 3 A synchronization of the slave machines with the master must be performed in order for the new serial.properties file to get on the new machine. 4 The Muse servers can now be started on the new machine.

When one or more new IPs are added to a machine running Muse ICE, ICE will not start again until the Muse product is re-registered. Running the Muse Registration process ensures that all the current IPs of the machine are added to the serial.properties file, which is required for the Muse ICE server to start successfully.

For more details about the Muse Resistration procedure, please see the "$MUSE_HOME/doc/Muse Install.pdf" document, the “Product Registration” and “Running the Muse Registration Setup” chapters.

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