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Not seeing the SPs related data, as status, version, install and build dates, can point an issue with the Local InfoBase. The most comon issues that have these results are: 1) XMLDB corruption For more information about this, please see the “How do I perform a backup/restore operation of the XML database?” (1019) FAQ. 2) InfoBase Bridge not started due to a port conflict Muse InfoBase Bridge is using the 8005 port, so please check the Embedded Apache Tomcat logs to see if there are any entries of the form (which point a conflict): Address already in use: JVM_Bind:8005 This port can cause a conflict if on the machine there is an external Apache Tomcat (or other software) running and listening on this port. In case of Apache Tomcat, the 8005 port is used for shutdown and it is configured in the $TOMCAT_HOME/conf/server.xml. For other servers, please consult their documentation. The advice is to change the port of external Apache Tomcat or any other software (not Muse) to something else, eg: 8115, and restart that server and Embedded Apache Tomcat.

When one or more new IPs are added to a machine running Muse ICE, ICE will not start again until the Muse product is re-registered. Running the Muse Registration process ensures that all the current IPs of the machine are added to the serial.properties file, which is required for the Muse ICE server to start successfully.

For more details about the Muse Resistration procedure, please see the "$MUSE_HOME/doc/Muse Install.pdf" document, the “Product Registration” and “Running the Muse Registration Setup” chapters.

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