CERTivity®'s Features Matrix

The existence and capabilities of the CERTivity features are controlled by the category of your license - Standard, Professional or Trial versions.

FeatureTrial LicenseStandard LicenseProfessional License
KeyStore Management   
Create a New KeyStoreLimited to 5 New Actions per instance++
Open an Existent KeyStoreLimited to 5 Open Actions per instance++
Open Windows Root CA KeyStore+-+
Open Windows User KeyStore+-+
Open JREs CA TrustStores+++
Save a KeyStore+++
Convert KeyStore Type+++
Change the KeyStore Password+++
Delete KeyStore Entry+++
Change KeyStore Entry Alias+++
Import Certificate into KeyStore+++
Generate Key Pair+++
Generate Secret Key+++
SSL Certificates Retriever+-+
Import Certificate from Signed JAR+++
Import Certificate from XML and PDF+-+
Import Key Pair+++
Add Certificate Extensions+++
Save Certificate Extensions as XML+++
View Private Key Details+++
Extend Validity of Self Signed Key Pairs+++
Regenerate Key Pair+++
Copy and paste entries from one KeyStore to another+++
Change a Key Pair’s password+++
Password manager to avoid entering Key passwords each time+++
Emphasizing expired and about to expire Certificates or Key Pairs+++
Generate self signed Key Pairs (Private Key with corresponding Certificate)+++
Copy to clipboard Certificates from Key Pair’s Certificate Chain+++
View Public Key, Certificate Chain Details+++
Certificates Operations   
Open a standalone Certificate+++
View Certificate Details+++
Display multiple certificates including certificate chains+++
View Public Key Details+++
View PEM Representation for a Certificate+++
View ASN.1 for a Certificate+++
View ASN.1 for a Certificate Extension+++
View Certificate Extensions+++
Obtain the Revocation Status+++
Test Certificates on Given Protocol+-+
View the CRL associated to a certificate+++
Sign and Verify   
Verify Signatures for JAR/APK Files+++
Verify Signatures for XML Files+-+
Verify Signatures for PDF Files+-+
Sign JAR/APK Files+++
Sign XML Files+-+
Sign PDF Files+-+
Export Options   
Export Certificate+++
Export Certificate Chain+++
Export Key Pair+++
Export Private Key+++
Export Public Key+++
TrustStores Management   
Set / Remove TrustStores at runtime+++
Configure Trust Path validation options at runtime+++
Certificate Authority functions   
Certificate Signing made easier+++
Sign CSR Files+++
Generate CSR Files+++
Open CSR Files+++
Open CRL Files+++
Import CA Reply+++
Trust verification when Importing CA Reply+++
Certificate chain management: append and remove certificate+++