Documentation and Samples

CERTivity provides documentation in more format types:

  1. documentation file, CERTivity.pdf, contained in the doc subdirectory from the distribution kit and also available on our website at;

  2. application help which can easily be accessed using the application's Menu Help;

  3. many of the application's components expose Context Sensitive Help (default F1), the Table of Contents tree being synchronized with the current context;

  4. the HTML CERTivity manual is available on our website for reading on line (using

Samples files are contained in the samples subdirectory of the doc directory from the distribution kit. You have further details (including passwords) in the Readme.txt file which will be opened when you first run the application. The Readme.txt file can be opened again using Menu File > Open > Open Sample Readme.txt.

The samples subfolder is further divided in 10 subfolders:

  1. keystore - can be used to observe the KeyStore features;

  2. certificates - can be used to observe the certificates features;

  3. crl - can be used to observe the open CRL feature;

  4. csr - can be used to observe the CSR features - generate and sign;

  5. jar - can be used to observe the sign/verify JAR files features;

  6. pdf - can be used to observe the sign/verify PDF files features;

  7. xml - can be used to observe the sign/verify XML files features;

  8. keypair - contains examples of exported Key Pairs useful to observe the export/import features for key pairs;

  9. privatekey - contains examples of a Private Key exported in myriad formats. Together with the suitable certificate from the certificate directory a Key Pair can be imported in a KeyStore;

  10. publickey - contains examples of a public key exported in various formats.