Chapter 3. CERTivity®'s Menus/Tool bar

Table of Contents

File Menu
Edit Menu
KeyStore Menu
Signatures Menu
View Menu
Tools Menu
Main Options
Trust Path Options
Advanced Options
Other Options
Window Menu
Help Menu
Advanced Details
Contextual Menu

File Menu

The File menu includes the following commands:

  • New KeyStore - Creates a new KeyStore;

  • Open - Opens an existing KeyStore, an existing certificate, an existing CSR file, an existing CRL file, Windows Root CA KeyStore, Windows User KeyStore, JREs CA Keystores and the Samples Readme.txt file;

  • Open Recent File- Opens a file from a list of the most recently used files;

  • Inspect Type - when accessed, detects the type of a file. The cryptographic file types detected are:

    • JKS KeyStore;

    • JCEKS KeyStore;

    • BKS KeyStore;

    • BKS-V1 KeyStore;

    • UBER KeyStore;

    • PKCS#12 KeyStore or Key Pair;

    • Certificate;

    • Certificate Signing Request (CSR) of PKCS10 type;

    • Certificate Signing Request (CSR) of SPKAC type;

    • Certificate Revocation List (CRL);

    • Encrypted Microsoft PVK Private Key;

    • Unencrypted Microsoft PVK Private Key;

    • Unencrypted OpenSSL Private Key;

    • Unencrypted PKCS #8 Private Key;

    • Encrypted OpenSSL Private Key;

    • Encrypted PKCS #8 Private Key;

    • OpenSSL Public Key.

  • Save- Saves the current KeyStore, if it has been modified;

  • Save As - Saves the opened KeyStore under a different name;

  • Save All - Saves all the opened KeyStores;

  • Exit - Exits the application.

Note that the features regarding the opening of the native Windows related are available only if run on a Microsoft Windows platform.

A screenshot for the File Menu is given below: