Test Certificate on Custom Protocol

In order to test or use a certificate against a certain TCP/IP raw text connection, you have to open it first (click on Menu File > Open > Open Certificate). After the certificate is opened, click on Test on Custom Protocol on top of the page.

This action will open a new top component window (named "Test Certificate Window"), containing the details needed for testing the certificate. The name of the tested certificate will be written in the "Currently used certificate" field. The certificate can be changed from a file chooser by clicking on Browse button.

This functionality is also available for a certificate that is part of a KeyStore.

In order to use the certificate for the secure connection, the following server connection details must be filled in:

The connection to the server can be initiated, closed or upgraded using the corresponding buttons on the page - the buttons changed their state accordingly.

The test window has other three areas for:

You can also test connections that starts on plain and then upgrades to SSL. For example testing a STARTTLS connection type for a SMTP server would be done according to the following scenario:

  1. Configure server connection details;

  2. Select Connection type to be Upgradeable plain. Configure client authentication details if necessary;

  3. Press Connect to Server;

  4. Start the handshaking plain messaging by issuing the necessary text commands. Don't forget to add the line terminators before pressing Send request;

  5. Empty the request window (e.g. select all with Ctrl+A and write STARTTLS and press Enter, then Send request;

  6. If the server responds with 220 2.0.0 Ready to start TLS or similar press Upgrade Connection. The connection will be switched to secure and the certificate provided will be used for this;

  7. Continue messaging on the secured connection.