KeyStore Interface Organization

The KeyStore Interface contains two main sections:

The tree table contains the following sortable columns:

Each entry type has a specific icon.

Certificate entry.
Certificate Chain entry.
Unlocked Key Pair entry.
Locked Key Pair entry.
Unlocked private key entry.
Locked private key entry.
Public key entry.
Certificate Extensions entry.
Unlocked Secret Key entry.
Locked Secret Key entry.

After selecting a KeyStore entry, when clicking on the right button of the mouse, you can use the contextual menu. More details about the contextual menus are available in CERTivity's Menus / Tool bar / Contextual menu.

The Details Panel is polymorphic, changing according to the current selection type. Using the Details Panel section, you can get more details about the selected entry:

The Details Panel can be minimized and maximized, by clicking on the top right corner button of the panel.