Open JREs CA KeyStores

An efficient way to open CA KeyStores (TrustStores) of the JREs on the current system is to use Menu File > Open > Open JRE CA KeyStore. There you have a list of the CA Truststores discovered on your system. The discovery of the JREs is done by compiling a list of paths in the following way:

You can select a KeyStore from the TrustStore list discovered by CERTivity on your system, or you can select another one by using Menu File > Open > Open JRE CA KeyStore > Other... menu item. In this menu item you have to select the JDK's or JRE's home path, and CERTivity will open the Truststore for you. This new selected Truststore will be added to the menu list, so you will not have to make the selection steps again next time. The maximum list size of JREs CA Keystore can be set in the Tools > Options menu.

Before opening the selected JRE CA KeyStore CERTivity will ask for its password. The password depends on the JRE distribution, but generally it has a well known default - changeit.