Import Trusted Certificate

In order to import a trusted certificate, click on Import certificate in the KeyStore window. Then, the desired certificate can be selected and an entry alias can be associated with it.

A screenshot for import trusted certificate action can be seen below:

If for the certificate which was selected to be imported a Trust Path can not be established, a warning message will be displayed informing that trust could not be established and asking if the user would like to view the certificate and decide if the import operation should be done or not. The warning message can be seen below:

If "No" is selected or the dialog is closed, the import operation will be aborted.

If "Yes" is selected, the certificate will be displayed in a dialog with the options "Accept Import" to continue the import, or "Cancel Import" to abort the operation which can be seen in Certificate Trust Established by User.

Certificate Trust Established by User

In the situations when trust can not be established for a certificate, if the user decides to view the certificate to establish if it can be trusted or not, the following dialog will be displayed containing the details of the certificate:

If the user does not trust the certificate after viewing its details, he can abort the import operation by pressing "Cancel Import", or by closing the dialog.

If the user decides that the certificate can be trusted after viewing its details, he can continue the import operation by pressing "Accept Import".