Restricted Use for Evaluation

This Software product can be used in conjunction with a free evaluation Software License. During the evaluation period, EduLib grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-renewable License to copy and use the Software for 30 days evaluation purposes only and not for any commercial use. At EduLib discretion, EduLib may provide limited support through email or discussion forums at EduLib web site. Evaluation Software has been limited in some way either through time outs, restricted use or evaluation warnings. EduLib bears no liability for any damages resulting from use (or attempted use after expiration) of the Software product, and has no duty to provide any support before or after the expiration date of an evaluation License.

On or before expiry of the evaluation period you may pay a License fee to obtain the right to use the Software for extended use. If you do not pay such a fee you must destroy all copies of the Software.