EduLib Releases Muse Platform

EduLib, member of MuseGlobal Group, the constant developer and maintainer of Muse technology is announcing the availability of the Muse® Platform Release, starting today April 8th 2014. Few of the main changes delivered by Muse are listed below while the full listing of all the new functionality and bug fixes included in Muse is available in the full Muse® Release Notes.

  • - The new Muse Template Application for Federated Search, MuseSearch application is replacing the previous MuseFoundation and ContentMiningFoundation templates; the feature differences between them is controlled by the Serial Number. The application is built using jQuery and aims to be faster and more user friendly;
  • - A new Muse application template for mobile devices, MobileSearch is available. This is a lightweight application in terms of functionality, based on jQuery Mobile and is generally suited for libraries. It includes connectivity to ILSes;
  • - Muse Web Bridge XML API is implementing the Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) standard to allow calling MusePeer Servlet AJAX actions from other domains. This facilitates the creation of browser level rich MVC clients using exclusively AJAX calls;
  • - Muse and Muse Setup are compatible with the recently released Oracle JDK 1.8. Both the native launchers and the generic jar launcher are able to function if the JVM on the target system is JDK 1.8;
  • - Added a new functionality to allow Muse Application Authority Users to store individual Source access details and Source field customization in Muse Personal Profile Management System;
  • - Improvements of Muse Console for Application Administration, such as full range Unicode characters for the emails generated by the “Problem Report” section;
  • - Muse Builder implements more features and fixes for Muse Connectors Generator, Muse Source Package Assistant, Muse Source Package Testing and Muse Search Query Translator Generator (SQTG);
  • - There are fixes to the Apache Tomcat embedded within Muse Platform for a better supports of IBM Java. The Apache Tomcat XML TCP connector used for Muse Admin and Muse InfoBase Bridges API will accept parallel connections starting with this version;
  • - Improved Muse Statistics Monitor to process logs collected from two or more servers;
  • - Fixed a concurrency bug of the HTML template processor (Freemarker) which led to “File not found” errors, especially when the templates/XSLT were included in others. This resolves potential glitches in all the front end servlet based Muse interfaces such as Muse Application UI, Muse Admin, Muse Control Center, Muse Source Factory.
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