Entered into a partnership with TechKnowledge FZLLC

We are writing this post today with an update, regarding a restructuring of our companies that has been in process for the last while, after the passing of MuseGlobal founder Dr. Peter Noerr in 2013. MuseGlobal, Inc. is turning its operations over to its longtime affiliate company, MuseGlobal S.A. You will know the MuseGlobal S.A and EduLib S.R.L. team as the people behind the development of The Muse™ Platform from its inception in 1998 working under the direction of Dr. Noerr, all the way to present day in the exclusive development and technical support for the Muse™ technology. MuseGlobal S.A and EduLib S.R.L. are headed by Mr. Mihai Popa, whom MuseGlobal founder Dr. Peter Noerr requested take over the legacy and ongoing development and support of the Muse™ software.

It is our pleasure to announce that Rany Al Baghdadi, President of TechKnowledge FZLLC, and Mihai Popa, CEO of MuseGlobal S.A. and EduLib S.R.L., have signed on 4th May 2014 an agreement, looking forward to long and successful partnership together. We are very pleased to have this opportunity to enter into a Value Added Reseller partnership with TechKnowledge for representation of the Muse™ technology in conjunction with the DeepKnowledge platform.

This direct partnership is one from more that follows of MuseGlobal S.A. and EduLib S.R.L. taking over all Muse™ Resellers and Partners.

For more information please contact info@museglobal.com or office@edulib.ro.