Muse Proxy 3.0 Released

EduLib is pleased to announce the release of Muse® Proxy 3.0, that is available for download, starting 21st of June 2013. The version 3.0 of Muse® Proxy brings support for Muse® Proxy Applications as well as many other new features and bug fixes.

For the new Muse® Proxy 3.0 version we offer a Free 30 Day Trial period to fully evaluate the new and improved Muse® Proxy. You can request a Trial License Key by simply filling in the trial form.

Muse® Proxy is a highly customizable multi-platform proxy server, easy to use and configure, acting successfully as a gateway to authenticated restricted content, rewriting web server, Web Access Management (WAM), proxy server and reverse proxy. It has been used for more than 10 years within the Muse Federated Search Platform to manage the authentication to resources and the navigation to full text, by restoring the server session on end-user browser. Starting with this version Muse® Proxy is also commercialized as a stand-alone product.

The major new feature in Muse® Proxy 3.0 is the support for Muse® Proxy Applications. Muse® Proxy Applications provide a fully configurable interface allowing administrators to setup remote or local Data Sources (“Sources”) and where end users enjoy a single sign-on for all of the subscribed data. Library Administrators can add Sources to the Muse® Proxy Application depending of licensing rights. Each Source stores the necessary code and credentials to get to the target Data Source. In this way, Muse® Proxy enables end users to reach all configured targets with a single sign-on and conceals target authentication credentials. Muse® Proxy Applications can use configurable login modules such as: User/Password, IP, LDAP, IMAP, SQL, FTP, Custom or any combination.

Muse® Proxy 3.0 has also many other features like: end users can now access Muse® Proxy using HTTPS, the HTTPS sites can be rewritten, the overall visual interface was improved, the documentation was extended with new information and workflow graphics and many more. Improvements were done to the Muse® Proxy Administrator Console too, such as, implemented friendly edit panels, updated interface for better display and more functionality, improved help sections.

In this version of Muse® Proxy we have bug fixes, such as, the timeout authentication token is extended automatically when serving a new request, implemented a major improvement in the Muse® Proxy rewriting mechanism, especially when rewriting web pages which load many JavaScript files and which perform many AJAX calls, better logging the errors encountered.

A lot more information regarding the above mentioned features and fixes, as well as other changes and additions made in Muse® Proxy 3.0 are available for download in Muse® Proxy Release Notes PDF Document.

For any suggestion or observation feel free to contact us.

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