Muse® Proxy 4.1 Reveals Important Features

EduLib has just released Muse® Proxy 4.1 which is available for download, starting 30th of June 2015. Although not incrementing the major version, the development team have introduced quite important features for dealing with the proxy source configuration/execution, with the selection of proxy sources, and also core server features are present. The detailed list of changes is available in Muse® Proxy Release Notes PDF Document and the new features are all described in the manuals that are part of the distribution.

Sources requiring more authentication or navigation steps such as selecting a certain database, having a dynamic URL containing session identifiers can now make use of extract and navigate options which act on the server side and not in the end-user browser, keeping credentials isolated.

Find and Replace filters acting on the HTTP body can now be crafted in the XML source profiles and will be interpreted at run-time. Muse Proxy supports multiple combinations from simple (just find/replace) to complex filter configurations involving conditions (such as APPLY_IF_FIRST), rewriting rules and variables, resolving cases from simple corrections of the rewriting process to conditional JavaScript insertion.

Muse Proxy offers now shortcuts to the Entry Points for source navigation without the need to specify the sourceID and action=source parameters, rather just an urlparameter (or its encoded form):
This ensures a smooth integration of Muse Proxy in external systems. For security reasons the URLs provided must be valid according to the existent source definition in the corresponding application.

Sources can now be hidden in the Muse Proxy application interface but usable in Entry Point URLs (either with explicit sourceID or implicit shortcut URLs).

The new source options such as REDIRECTSHOW_GET_PARAMETERSSSL_TRUST_ALL are sustaining a reliable configuration process for an organization using Muse Proxy as a gateway access, while using the source Icon configuration will bring color to the Muse Proxy Foundation based Applications.

Muse® Proxy 4.1 is also introducing an alternative Navigation Session storage which, if activated, uses disk space to spool idle sessions thus enlarging the capacity of the number of end-users using the proxy.

For the new Muse® Proxy 4.1 version we offer a Free 30 Day Trial period to fully evaluate the new and improved Muse® Proxy. You can request a Trial License Key by simply filling in the trial form.