MuseKnowledge Application 8.1 Release

A new version of the MuseKnowledge Application was released, containing new exciting features for a better user experience. The new features are listed below:

1. Implemented a new feature in the Search Sources panel that allows end-users to make decisions when selecting the sources to search, based on performance and popularity metrics. More exactly,  nesides sorting alphabetically, there are two other options available in the sort feature of the Search Sources panel:

  • Fastest Sources. When selecting, the sources are displaying sorted by their performance metrics, from the fastest ones in retrieving results to the slowest one. A graphical representation of their performance is displayed next to each source name, consisting in colored bricks according to the value. It is a strength-style visual indicator. A tooltip is displayed on the graphical bars with the actual performance values, in seconds.
  • Popular Sources. When selecting, the sources are displaying sorted by their popularity, e.g. by how many record links from the search results were accessed for each source. The end users may navigate more on results of some specific sources. The same visual strength-style representation is displayed next to each source name.

2. A Live Chat feature was implemented to allow users connecting in real time via chat with a Library representative (operator) for online support. The chat box allows users to ask any questions they may have for clarification about the MuseKnowledge™ Application and its resources. An operator will respond when available and engage into conversation.Depending on the integrated chat platform, the may see the chat box only when an operator is available at the Library and logged into the chat server. Or, the user may get the chat box but it allows only to send an email to the offline operator. In most cases, to be able to use the chat functionality, the user is requested to enter a name and email address.Many Live Chat Platforms can be integrated into the MuseKnowledge Search Application.

The following platforms were tested successfully: Live Helper Chat, LiveChat and Pure Chat.

More details about this feature are available in the following article: MuseKnowledge Live Chat | EduLib

3. Enhanced the "Email Results" functionality with a new option - "Send to Library". If "Send to Library" option is checked, the email is sent to the Library email address. Users can use this option if they're having a problem with the search results, availability of subscribed content, or just want to tell us their thoughts about how it's working. A library email address where the emails are sent must be configured.

4. A new CSS file was introduced specifically for the Right-to-Left display to allow customizations. The new CSS file is editable through the Muse Administration Console.

As usual we offer a Free 30 Day Trial period to fully evaluate the new version of MuseKnowledge™ Application. You can request a trial access by simply filling in the trial form.