MuseKnowledge Application 8.3 Release

A new version of the MuseKnowledge Application was released, containing new exciting features for a better user experience. Some of the new features are listed below:

  1. Create Bibliography items out of search results in various styles: APA, BibTexX, Nature, IEEE, MLA, Chicago, NLM, etc. The generated bibliography elements can be printed or copied for insertion into external documents.
  2. Integrated a Document Delivery service workflow. Document Delivery is a service that provides electronic delivery of an article or book chapter (subject to copyright restrictions) which are not part of the institution' subscriptions. Usually the delivery is covered by an existing institution subscription plan at the document delivery platform.
    Currently the integration was done with the ReprintsDesk platform at API level, but any vendor of document delivery services supporting a similar workflow can be integrated.
    - The document delivery button (with a vendor logo) is available at the results that qualify for the workflow, e.g. there are no fulltext links available in the metadata content, or the searched source is marked explicitly as not having fulltext by configuration.

    - Clicking the button opens a modal window in which the article's availability is checked at the document delivery platform and if existing the estimated price is displayed:

    - The user can further request the article by filling in the form:

    - If a quick download of the article is available, the PDF file can be downloaded immediately.
  3. Extended the metadata elements displayed for each result to include detailed Coverage information if available.
  4. New features implemented for Discover:
    - Added support for different sources of suggestions based on the search attribute selected, in the Discover page search form. For example when searching with the Subject attribute, the suggestions offered when writing the query are from all indexed subject values. Associating the suggester source to be used for each search attribute can be done from the Muse Administration Console.
    - Added query Highlight functionality, e.g. the searched terms are highlighted in the results contents.
    - Added Email Results functionality, e.g. the selected results can be sent by email.

As usual we offer a Free 30 Day Trial period to fully evaluate the new version of MuseKnowledge™ Application. You can request a trial access by simply filling in the trial form.