MuseKnowledge™ Proxy 5.1 Build 02 is Available

Following its development trail, MuseKnowledge™ Proxy recently reached version 5.1 Build 02, version which is now available for download, trial and purchase/upgrade. The results of our work are briefly presented in this news item.

  • Source pages containing Internationalized Domain Names (IDN), instead of their ASCII can now be rewritten if the source profile contains a new configuration, TRY_IDN. So far MuseKnowledge Proxy was able to rewrite the ASCII equivalent (e.g. in a HTML page, but now it is possible to rewrite directly hrefs containing IDNs, for example <a href="http://www.româ">
  • In order to ease the management of SSL keys and certificates for proxies where SSL termination is not involved, we have created a new section, named Server KeyStores, in the MuseKnowledge Administrator Console.
  • A Library Card’s Barcode application authentication module is available using multiple pattern rules. NUM, NUMMOD10, CODE39 and CODE39MOD43 are the algorithms supported at this time for the barcode validation.
  • Continued the work on integration with LTI standard – starting with this version a MuseKnowledge Proxy system can be certified as being LTI Compliant as an external service tool consumer by IMS Global Learning Consortium. This version can pass all necessary certification tests for LTI 1.0 standard.
  • With the newer versions of web browsers implementing Intelligent Tracking Prevention (3rd party cookies) and this option being enabled by default more changes were performed in order to run in an iframe within the LMS systems (Canvas, for example).
  • For SAML authentication, the signing and digest method algorithms to be used in signing SAML messages and metadata can now be specified per tenant not just globally thus allowing both for the deprecated SHA1 and for the recommended SHA256 configuration to function in the same MuseKnowledge Proxy instance.
  • Type 1 URL’s originating from a MuseKnowledge Search application are signed with a HMAC signature. The MuseKnowledge Search application(s) that connects to this new version of Muse Knowledge Proxy must be updated to use modulesutil.jar version 1.2338 or higher.
  • This version is introducing the Usage Limits component in order to limit against automated process or abusive users. Though available, it is recommended to use this component only for isolated cases because the current de-facto standard of web applications implies dozens of requests and big JavaScript code just to reach, for example, a journal issue. If lower limits are set this may create the opposite effect.
  • The order of login modules can be visually changed in Administrator Console from Edit Authentication Groups within Manage Applications.
  • Custom Single Sign on Login integration (Remote Auth) is possible, starting with this release. It involves a Remote Authentication CGI script where proxy will redirect the request to validate credentials if a new session is necessary and then the script returns back to proxy via HMAC.
  • Some more advanced elements were introduced for sources and for authentication configuration to cover complex rewritten and authentication scenarios.

The detailed list of changes is available in MuseKnowledge™ Proxy Release Notes PDF Document. As usual, we offer a Free 30 Day Trial period to fully evaluate the new version of MuseKnowledge Proxy. You can request a Trial License Key by simply filling in the trial form.