Muse® Identity Manager Login Page

The main login page for user authentication. Direct links are available for registration, resetting the password and managing the account.


Login Form

This is the main form, where the login is done and other links can be accessed, for resetting the password and managing the account.

Register New Account

The new accounts registration page where the end user must fill in all required fields. Upon form submission, the first step is to verify the email address by accessing the validation link received by email.

Reset Password

In case the password is forgotten, the end user can reset it. Upon reset form submission, an email is sent to the end user's email address with a link to be accessed for setting a new password.

Manage Account

Page that can be accessed after login to edit the registration fields, from name, password to the rest of the custom fields.

Muse® Identity Manager Administration Pages

The Muse IDM registered users with administrator roles, have access to administration pages for users management, system configuration and statistical information.

Users Management

  • Create, View, Edit, Delete users;
  • Search functionality for users is available, with multiple filtering options. The search is done in all user fields, filtering can be done based on Role, Status values, Expiry details, etc.;
  • Bulk actions: Edit users, Send Email, Export as CSV, Delete;
  • Import users from CSV file.


View and Add OAuth2 Clients

The administration section for the OAuth2 clients.

Import Users

Import bulk users from CSV file. A template CSV file with all necessary headers can be downloaded.

User Sessions

This pages displays a listing with all users sessions, including details like creation time, last accessed time, expiry time, whether is still active or note. Filtering options are available to narrow the data to the desired level.

User Statistics

Showing various statistical information such as: expired accounts, accounts about to expire, locked/disabled accounts, never logged in accounts, etc. .

Login History

Showing the listing with users login history, which includes details like the user email address, the browser IP address, user agent information, last login date and the status of the login operation, whether it was successful or not.

Filtering options are available to narrow down the listing.