Muse® LinkResolver


Muse Search Results with Muse LinkResolver Links

In each result tile from the Muse Search Results page there is a link to the Muse LinkResolver which opens into a new browser tab. Metadata is sent to Muse LinkResolver in OpenURL format, version 0.1.

Muse LinkResolver

The linking information is retrieved by Muse LinkResolver application from the content of Muse Central Index based on the OpenURL parameters. A section with External Links is available, which links to other specialized platforms, passing the same OpenURL parameters. The External Links providers list is configurable.

A rewriting proxy such as Muse Proxy can be used to access all vendors links, making use of the available subscriptions.

Muse LinkResolver interface translated

The Muse LinkResolver application interface is translated in the following languages: English (default), Romanian, Arabic, Greek, Spanish, French, Chinese and Dutch.