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Today, differentiation and market leadership, operational excellence and superior decision making is based on how quickly an organization can aggregate and transform content into a competitive advantage. Creating insight and intelligence from the myriad of content sources, both internal and external to any organization is key to competing in the future. Legacy initiatives around Enterprise Content Management or Master Data Management are insufficient because a lot of the content you need today is created by outsiders who generally have no regard for any company’s policies around content style, format or management.

Often the most valuable content not found in an organization’s collective brain is located in social media and networking sites, or in external fee-based and free syndication services. This often represents the “voice of the customer” and leading indicator of a customer’s intent to buy. Putting external content into context requires seamless integration with legacy internal data, often scattered across siloed systems and data formats and being able to normalize and transform these virtual repositories for real-time usage.

The Muse Platform is designed to offer you maximum ease, scalability and flexibility. Written in Java employing a modular architecture, Muse technology operates within the Information Connection Engine (ICE) — a dynamic multi-user, multi-session, multi-threaded software environment that provides the underlying functionality for all Muse products.

We understand that content sources and delivery mechanisms are in constant flux. To ensure the sustainability of The Muse Platform, we provide advanced technology solutions that constantly check and maintain thousands of database and target system connections, as well as incorporate a highly-automated repair, build and distribute facility.

The major Muse Platform components, Muse Federated Search, Muse Harvest and Muse Hybrid are the best technology for the user, but also to providing support to make the system as simple to maintain as it is to use.


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