Usage Scenarios

Extraction, Transform, and Load tools

Target: Justice and Law enforcement, Enterprise, Media

Problem: Extract from a variety of distinct protocols, distinct data types, distinct sources, and transform into a single standard protocol and format, validate and then feed into the target system’s bus.

Solution: Muse® Platform can virtually consolidate information from multiple platforms, without interfering with the day-to-day operations of the content sources. Smart Connectors can feed information from other platforms into an existing platform, enabling existing interfaces to be enhanced with additional information. Our solutions provide Law enforcement officials with a multi-dimensional view of people, events and relationships that lead to more collaborative and more effective law enforcement efforts.

Muse® Smart Connectors work with many available commercial Records Management Systems (RMSs) so the Muse® Harvest Engine can obtain the required RMS name and investigation information. The harvested records are formatted according to the input needs of the target union database. The solution includes a Record Tracking System (RTS) to ensure rejected, duplicate, and historical records are tracked and correctly accounted for the import process.

Muse® Meters

Target: Media, Marketing

Problem: Extract from a variety of sources, perform content mining to identify relevant terms for the day/hour and present the evolution. Applies in media for sports, elections, VIPs; applies in marketing for following brands evolution.

Solution: Want to know what’s hot? And what’s not? And what’s hotter today than it was yesterday? You can get all of this and more with the Muse® BuzzGauge, Muse® Meters. Using thousands of content sources, BuzzGauge can let you see your content in a whole new light. Muse® Meters are the solution to display lists of people, teams, products, topics. They show movement, rank, importance, stories and can be skinned to suit the local look and feel. The live links to results list and original records are preserved.

Muse® feed solutions offer pre-packaged bundles of content covering major topics of interest to consumer, business and public sector audiences that make it easy to connect to a wide variety of sources quickly. Muse® is able to configure its content mining and search technologies to extract and contextualize content from these and other sources for custom feeds as well from any accessible online source, including licensable content, delivering it in the same standardized format as content form other sources. Now any information from anywhere on the Web or in your enterprise can become timely, actionable insight.