Muse Source Factory

The Muse Source Factory keeps the details, stores, manages, and distributes the thousands of Muse Smart Connectors to Muse installations worldwide. More than 6,500 different Data Sources are accessed by clients based on their own credentials and rights, using our Muse Smart Connectors. This collection is continuously updated and maintained to keep up with the latest native changes.

Muse Administration Consoles

Muse Administration Consoles are the administration tools used to add, delete and manage access rights to Muse Applications. By means of administrator consoles there is access to any settings of the system.

Muse Control Center

Muse Control Center can be used to execute tasks at any given moment. The tasks lists, either default or custom, can be used for various purposes, starting from regularly updating the Muse Source Packages to sending emails to users or even generate usage statistics of the system they run on.

Muse Control Center helps users run saved queries (Muse Alerts) on various sources at any moment, without their intervention. The results extracted can be either sent by email or stored on disk and provided at a later time on demand.

Muse Statistics Monitor

Muse Statistics Monitor is an interactive monitoring tool for the administrator of a Muse environment. Its function is to present information in various formats, of Muse system usage out of the log files. The information is extracted from specialized log files that are created by Muse, by means of different filters.

Muse Builder - Connectors Generator

Muse Builder, as an Integrated Development Environment, is a suite for building connectors. The suite is completely integrated with Muse Source Factory to allow authorized staff to view development progress.

Using the Muse Builder, building connectors becomes a production line activity, and maintenance takes its toll, as there are available syntax mappers, data conversion generators and so many other useful features.

Muse Builder - Source Package Testing

The Source Package Testing is part of the Muse Builder IDE. It is a powerful and very in hand tool to check the correctness of the retrieval process. The programmer just needs to do a search on the the native site on every field and with any operator that is supported. The tool will automatically re-run all these searches using the connector that was just created and point any inconsistency it will find. Checking a connector becomes thus a more attractive and efficient task.

Muse Builder - Search Query Translator Generator

The Search Query Translator Generator lets the user that builds or maintains a Source Package to construct translators that will transform Muse's Internal Search Representation query into target native query. The practice to build Query Translators for the most advanced search forms present on the native sites ensures the user to obtain the best search results.

Muse Builder - Source Package Assistant

The Muse Source Package Assistant tool automates the creation and import of the Source Packages related files. Automating the work to manage the Source Packages' related files leads to less time spent when creating, fixing or evaluating Source Packages, thus saving important time for the developer or Team Leader. It also decreases the risk of having work mistakes inherent to manual processing of multiple files.