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For MuseGlobal‘s OEM and VAR Partners we also offer product information, implementation, and support tools via logon to the MuseGlobal Support Site.

Muse Source Factory

The Muse Source Factory stores, manages, and distributes the thousands of Muse Smart Connectors to Muse installations worldwide. More than 6,500 different Data Sources are accessed by clients based on their own credentials and rights, using our Muse Smart Connectors. This collection is continuously updated and maintained to keep up with the latest native changes.

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View and download general and specialized technical presentations about the Muse Platform and its various components and features. Because the files are in PDF format, you will require the Adobe® Reader® to be able to view them.

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Our Frequently Asked Questions will help you find information about The Muse Platform and other EduLib products that you already purchased a license for or intend to. Please view our FAQs split by product.

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