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Why does the application run out of JVM Heap memory?

If you handle larger files (especially the PDF operations are memory consuming) or more files at the same time you may ran out of JVM Heap memory.

By default CERTivity comes with a maximum of 256 MB configured. Depending on the memory available on the target machine, the operating system 32/64-bit architecture, you can specify different sizes for memory, for example by modifying -J-Xmx256m into -J-Xmx512m in the configuration file ${certivity_home}/etc/certivity.conf. After doing this setting you need to restart the application. If the heap memory amount that you specified is too high for that platform/32-bit model, upon starting up a "JVM creation failed" message will be present. You will need to adjust the memory settings according to your architecture - for example on Windows on 32-bit JVM distributions due to the 32-bit Windows process model you cannot specify values larger than about 1100 MB. It is also not recommended to set the maximum JVM heap to be larger than the physical memory.

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