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Does MuseProxy have an interface for administering the applications and resources?

The Muse Proxy Administrator Console has features to manage the Muse Proxy applications:

  • Create applications by various methods - duplicate an existing one/import, delete, export;
  • Manage the applications' properties, like the authentication methods;
  • Manage the applications' resources: create new sources profiles (new from scratch, copy an existing one, import, upload), edit, delete, export, etc.

The proxy applications management and the administration of their resources is available since version

Because from technical point of view the Muse Proxy Application Management features are implemented in an external servlets engine, they must be explicitly enabled in the Muse Proxy configuration file (MuseProxy.xml). More exactly set to true the SERVLET_ENGINE_ENABLED field, e.g.:


The steps are:

  • stop Muse Proxy;
  • edit ${MUSE_HOME}/proxy/MuseProxy.xml file and set to true the value of SERVLET_ENGINE_ENABLE;
  • start Muse Proxy.

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