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Will the Proxy Server/Navigation Manager relationship still be functional if the two entities are in different subnets?

For the Muse Navigation Manager (MNM) - Muse Proxy relationship (often called Proxy Chaining) to be functional if the two entities are in different subnets, it is mandatory that the two subnets to be able to communicate at the TCP/IP level.

As a note, taking into account the general Muse flow, it is the MNM which communicates to Muse Proxy and not vice versa. It does this only if a Source Package is using the IP authentication for searches so, as long as the Muse Proxy IP is reachable from the MNM IP on the port configured in the Muse application as PROXY_PORT, there will be no issue in MNM communicating to the Muse Proxy.


Also, the Muse Proxy must be visible with the same IP address to both the Information Connection Engine (ICE) Server and to the MNM. The MNM connects to Muse Proxy to the same IP ICE server uses for communicating with Muse Proxy.  No private IPs will be involved in communication of ICE with Muse Proxy. 

Extra configuration is needed as well. The Muse Proxy authentication access file (${MUSE_HOME}/proxy/hosts.xml) should be configured to allow connections from the MNM server (and implicitly from ICE). This is done configuring the USER_RULE with the ID of "default" user to accept all the IP(s) of the MNM and ICE.


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