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How can I update the Muse Navigation Manager component?

The method and conditions for upgrading mnm.jar depend on the Muse Proxy (not ICE) version:


a) for Muse Proxy version or newer:

- log in to your Muse Proxy Admin Console (http://${PROXY_HOST}:${PROXY_PORT}/admin/) using your username and your password,

- click on the "Update" tab,

- in the "Update" tab, go to the section "Update Muse Navigation Manager component" and press the "Update Now" button,

- no Muse Proxy restart will be needed.


c) for Muse Proxy version

- log in to the Muse Source Factory ( using your username and your password,

- go to the Source Packages List,

- select a source from list and go to the Details Page of this source,

- on the Details Page press the "Download" button from up right,

- in the pop-up appeared you'll see a list of SPs to download: the SP of the selected source, the modulesutil.sp and the mnm.sp,

- select and download the mnm.sp archive,

- extract the mnm.jar file from inside the mnm.sp archive and overwrite the file ${MUSE_HOME}/proxy/lib/mnm.jar to update the Muse Navigation Manager component from Muse Proxy to the last version,

- no Muse Proxy restart is needed after the update to the ${MUSE_HOME}/proxy/lib/mnm.jar file.


c) for Muse Proxy version below

The Muse Navigation Manager updates cannot be deployed on a Muse Proxy version older than since they are not compatible. The solution for such cases is to update Muse Proxy to the latest version, that will also update MNM. From that point, MNM updates will be available as released via the mechanism described above at a).

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