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How can I configure a SSL certificate for Source Package?

If a HTTPS site or SSL communication has a certificate signed by a well known authority, then this is trusted by JDK (JDK comes with a list of trusted authorities like VeriSign) and the Source Package will throw no errors. If a HTTPS site or SSL communication has a certificate which is not signed by one of the authorities accepted by JDK, then the connections to this site will be rejected and the Source package will throw an error like:
"...[ PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target]...".

In such cases, the certificate must be saved and added in the Source Package profile to be used at runtime. To save the certificate of a site, please refer to the 112. How can I obtain the SSL certificate from a HTTPS data source? faq.
Next configure the certificate to be used by the Source Package as follows:
a) add certificate in the application
    - Login into the MCAA console;
    - Select the desired application from the applications list;
    - Go to "Applications" -> "Application General Settings" and click on the "HTTPS Certificates" link located in the left side of the page.
    - Browse for the previously saved certificate and press the Upload button after selecting it.
b) configure the Source to use the certificates installed like above:
    - Login into the MCAA console;
    - select the application containing the source to configure;
    - Click on the "Application Actions" -> "Setup and Organize Sources" link;
    - Select a Source Package on the list and click on "Edit Source Configuration" link;
    - In the window that appears click on "Get HTTPS Certificates" link and select the saved certificate;
    - Click on Update button to save the Source Package configuration profile on disk.














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