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How to check the particular application or individual source stats/usage?

Statistics are logged into special log files by Muse. This statistics data is available into the $ICE_HOME/logs/ICECoreStatistics.log files and are available for the following areas of activity:

- User sessions - for gathering overall usage statistics such as number of sessions logged on, length of sessions, IP addresses of sessions, failed login attempts, etc.
- Muse Instructions - for gathering information about the activities within Muse - searches - including queries, databases searched, parameters used. These may be related to logged-on sessions by session id for analysis per user session.
- Muse Modules - more detailed statistics from individual search source or transaction modules including numbers of hits, time taken for query, download and processing time, etc.
- System information - available and used memory.

There is a dedicated monitoring tool in Muse - Muse Statistics Monitor - which extracts the information from the $ICE_HOME/logs/ICECoreStatistics.log files and present various statistics. Note that the Muse Statistics Monitor is a graphical standalone application. Please refer to the documentation of Muse Statistics Monitor for further information - $MUSE_HOME/monitor/doc/Muse Statistics Monitor.pdf.

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