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What is the order of preference for which stylesheet will be read from the Muse directory? If a stylesheet with the same name is present in $APPLICATION_HOME/stylesheets/connectors, /sources/lib, and in the jar file, which one is read?

The stylesheet is selected in the following order:

1) The ISR translator is first loaded from the location which is specified in the <ISR> field of the source's profile (typically from $APPLICATION_HOME/stylesheets/connectors).

2) If the translator is not found at that location, it is loaded from the SP at the Application level (located under $APPLICATION_HOME/sources/lib).

3) If this is not found then the translator is loaded from the global Source Package (located under $MUSE_HOME/use/modules/sources/lib).

Tags: fix, install, precedence, source package, stylesheet, update, upgrade

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Last update: 2013-09-02 11:30
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