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How can I take advantage of the Ex functionality of a source to return the full metadata from a native source's record?

Muse source packages, by default, return only the metadata found in the native source's list of results. The Ex functionality of a source means that when a search is performed on that source from the Muse interface the information brought back for each record includes information that normally can be found when the link to that record in the native web interface is accessed from the results list.

If this functionality is desired, then the USE_EX_PARSER field from the SP profile must be "yes"(no quotes).

Please note that even if the source is free and the Ex functionlaity is desired, this field must be filled with "yes".  By default, this field is set to "no".  So such a connector will behave normally if the USE_EX_PARSER field from the profile is missing or has the "no" value, and will have an extended parsing if the USE_EX_PARSER field from the profile has the "yes" value.

Tags: exparser, ex parser, EX_PARSER, exparsing, ex parsing, extended, Ex USE_EX_PARSER, metadata, record, result

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