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Which Muse ports need to be accessible from the Internet?

The ports that need to be accessible from the Internet are:


1. 8000 - Apache Tomcat or Muse HTTP Server

Configuration file - ${MUSE_HOME}/tomcat/conf/server.xml or ${MUSE_HOME}/http/conf/contexts.xml

Files that contain references to this port: 

  • ${MUSE_HOME}/factory/MuseInfoBase.xml
  • ${ICE_HOME}/ICECore.xml
  • ${ICE_HOME}/jaas.config
  • ${MUSE_HOME}/proxy/jaas.config
  • ${MUSE_HOME}/web/MusePeer.xml


2. 8443 - Apache Tomcat or Muse HTTP Server

Configuration file - ${MUSE_HOME}/tomcat/conf/server.xml or ${MUSE_HOME}/http/conf/contexts.xml

Files that contain references to this port: 

  • ${MUSE_HOME}/web/MusePeer.xml
  • ${MUSE_HOME}/enrich/MuseEnrichmentService.xml
  • ${MUSE_HOME}/enrich/index/index.xml
  • ${MUSE_HOME}/z3950/

3. 9797 - Muse Proxy

Configuration file - ${MUSE_HOME}/proxy/MuseProxy.xml

Files that contain references to this port: 

  • ${MUSE_HOME}/web/MusePeer.xml;
  • ${MUSE_HOME}/enrich/MuseEnrichmentService.xml;
  • ${MUSE_HOME}/enrich/index/index.xml;
  • ${MUSE_HOME}/z3950/


Note: Also configured in all Muse bridges that use the MNM: (${MUSE_HOME}/<bridge_name>/Muse<bridge_name>Bridge.xml and in  ${MUSE_HOME}/<bridge_name>/Muse<bridge_name>

Note: This is the secured mode of the Muse HTTP server  (SSL connections).

WarningOne of the server type ports Muse opens for its components may be occupied by other server programs. One
such example is the Ajp12 connector from Tomcat. See "${MUSE_HOME}/doc/Muse External Servlets Engine (Tomcat).pdf" manual for further reference regarding the ports used by Tomcat.


WarningIf one of the Muse Servers fails to start the user is advised to check the log file for detailed information.
Finding the message below in the log file means that the port is already used by some other Application. When such a
situation occurs a reconfiguration is necessary to change the port used by the respective Muse server or by the already
existing service.
Cannot listen on port <PORT_NUMBER>. Address already in use: JVM_Bind


Note: Not all ports are required by all Muse installations. They are required only if the corresponding components are installed. For example, port 9797 is only required if the Muse Proxy is installed.

Note: All server type ports can be remapped. The best way to accomplish this remapping is by using the Muse PostInstall Configuration package, which makes this process simple and ensures that the correct files are updated.


Further information about this can be found in the "$MUSE_HOME/doc/Muse Advanced Configuration.pdf"document, "Server Type Ports Opened by Muse within Internet Scope" chapter.

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